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Definition Fitness

digital magazine

digital magazine


Definition's goal is to help empower women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their inner strength and nourish their bodies with plants.



In my role as the Art Director for a small, digital magazine, I had the opportunity to wear many hats - from being a graphic designer and photographer to an editor and occasional writer. But my biggest passion was in refining the brand and attracting a wider readership.

social media campaign

The magazine's readership grew significantly with the help of social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter played a huge role in this growth through campaigns, including the popular #MyVeganCart, which was specifically designed to target all three platforms.

digital advertisement

By teaming up with other health and fitness websites, we were able to connect with our desired audience in a more engaging and effective way, which led to a significant boost in readership.



As a part of our guerilla marketing campaign, we want to get these flyers out to the community by distributing them at local gyms, natural food stores, and health and fitness events.


keynote presentation

Originally written for the traditional Definition reader, this article was later converted to a keynote presentation aimed at a wider audience.